Fall Planning Meeting, Sep 9, 8pm, Convent of St Helena


The CSRA Peace Alliance’s Fall Planning Meeting is set for Tuesday, September 9, at 8 pm at the Convent of St. Helena, 3042 Eagle Drive, Augusta GA 30906. Use these directions, as GPS is not 100% helpful in the last several turns.

Take the opportunity to hear Kim Davies’s lecture Explaining Southern Violence at the nearby Maxwell Library at 6 pm earlier that day.

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Barrow’s Voting Record Supports Endless War

The CSRA Peace Alliance first drafted its report entitled John Barrow’s Voting Record Enables Endless War on August 22, 2014.

Look for updates to this report in this blog entry. Its web address is http://barrowreport.csrapeace.org.

Under construction.

Peace Vigil, Fri, Aug 22, 4:30pm

The CSRA Peace Alliance invites all who oppose military intervention in Iraq and US military support of Israel and Egypt to vigil at the intersection of 15th St and Walton Way from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Friday, August 22, 2014. We also call for lifting the siege on Palestinians in Gaza.

Then, at 6 pm, we are planning to take a picture of our group with its signs at Representative John Barrow’s office at 1129 Broad St. There, we intend to read a statement summarizing Mr. Barrow’s poor voting record on peace issues and inviting voters to scrutinize that record. Afterwards, a representative will present our statement and its accompanying report to Mr. Barrow.

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Broadcast of Film “A World not Ours” on Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

The PBS documentary film series POV is providing the film “A World not Ours” to affiliated stations.

Ain el-Helweh (literally “Sweet Spring”), set up in 1948, is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon with more than 70,000 people. During the first few years of the camp’s existence, its residents made a point of not building anything resembling a permanent structure, because to do so would have been an admission that there was a chance they were not returning home. … read more …

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Palestine Solidarity Vigil, Fri, Aug 8, 4:30pm

The CSRA Peace Alliance invites all who oppose US support of Israel’s latest attacks on Palestinians in Gaza to vigil at the intersection of 15th St and Walton Way from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Friday, August 8, 2014.

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Important Tips:

1. Don’t park in the parking lots of nearby businesses. In the neighborhood west of 15th St, street parking is allowed. Park there and walk to the intersection. If you are carpooling, the driver can drop you off in a parking lot and then go park in a legal spot.

2. All signs should reflect the demands, methods and tone of the CSRA Peace Alliance: suspend US aid to Israel, end violence, lift siege on Gaza. The CSRA Peace Alliance is nonviolent in tone and action and does not endorse or advocate any violence. If you are not able to create your own sign, organizers should also have signs.

3. The intersection has 4 corners. Spread out evenly among the 4 corners.

4. Keep a safe distance from the street to avoid collisions with vehicles and don’t obstruct pedestrians using the sidewalks.

5. Do not distract drivers by initiating any conversation with them.

6. If anybody says negative things to you, it is best to ignore them. Contact rally organizers if you see any difficult situation developing.

Coverage of Palestine Solidarity Rally in Augusta, Georgia Jul 25

The Anibal Show’s video:

Palestine Solidarity Vigil in Augusta from anibalshow on Vimeo.

Zamena Momin uploaded pictures to the Facebook event, and I’ve transferred them into a Flickr album. On the CSRA Peace Alliance Facebook page, there is an album of pictures.

WJBF, the Augusta, GA ABC affiliate had a story about the event.

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken News, Weather, Sports

Meeting at John Barrow’s Office to Call for End of Siege of Gaza and US Aid to Israel

Updated July 26, 2014: Picture of some of the people who attended the meeting at Mr. Barrow’s office.

On Thursday, July 24, at 10:00 am, constituents of Representative John Barrow are scheduled to meet with his District Director to call for Representative Barrow to end U.S. aid to Israel and lift the siege of Gaza. The office is located at Enterprise Mill, 1450 Greene Street, Suite 550, Augusta, GA 30901. You can RSVP & Share on Facebook and send a Twitter status update.


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